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How to Create Unique & Quality Content While Link-building

Link-building is one of the primary techniques being employed by webmasters as part of search engine optimization efforts. Webmasters engage in link building efforts in order to increase the publicity of a newly developed website and to drive visitors to the website from other popular websites. Link building strategies are a vital part of search engine optimization, which focuses on improving the visibility of a website on the first page of organic search results provided by search engines. Link-building is the heart and soul of organic SEO practices.

On the flip side, search engine bots use links embedded in a content to navigate between web pages and websites during indexing. Search engine bots are automated programs that scan the web for content that is related to keywords entered by a search engine user. In order to provide results within a matter of microseconds, search engine bots index newly updated content on the web and have a list of websites to index frequently. News, social networking, educational, and government websites are often indexed by search engine bots. Search engine bots also provide authority or PageRank to a website based on the number of backlinks, internal links, and external links.

PageRank is a value given to a page based on the number of visitors, number of backlinks, and keyword relativity of the content. Search engines have their own page ranking methods and they can analyze the relativity between linked pages. Search engines list websites on their organic search results based on the popularity of a website, popularity of the pages linking to the websites, and other additional metrics such as authority, trust and spam. Only trustworthy websites link themselves to other trusted websites, while spam websites get few or no links from trusted websites. Experts suggest that links and the PageRank of a website are a few good ways to identify worthiness of a page or website.

Writing and linking quality content is the key to a successful link building campaign. Prior to writing articles, spend time researching on the article title, target audience, and similar articles on the web. If you find numerous other articles on the same niche, then spend some time to make the content unique and fresh. It is essential for webmasters to host updated content on their blogs or websites to retain existing visitors. Writing and posting unique quality content is by itself a successful optimization strategy, as search engines often index such content. The bottom line of creating unique and quality content is that it is for your target audience and not for search engines.

The best way to write quality content is by taking into account the focus area of your content, its benefits to the target audience, and value it brings to your website. I’ve described below few tips to write unique content:

  • Maintain keyword and linked website relevancy.
  • Focus on providing value to the target audience.
  • Start writing articles regularly in order to get a hang of the latest trends.
  • Integrate keyword research as part of your content development process.
  • Create natural content titles along with a couple of keywords to make your copy readable.

In conclusion, these are the fundamental principles for writing unique and quality content. I hope these tips will greatly help you in your content link building efforts.

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