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Whiteboard Wednesday: SEO Page Title Best Practices

Learn some simple tips on formatting page titles, meta descriptions, and domain URLs for the best results online. In this episode, SEO expert Matt Morgan of Optimize Worldwide answers questions like:

  • What should a page title include?
  • How long should my page title and meta description be?
  • What should I name my domain?
  • How can I get more clicks on my web search results?
  • Why should I put my phone number in the meta description?
  • How do I rank my local business for a specific service?
  • How do I structure my landing page?
  • Do the search engines use my page title and description?

Matt refers to an experiment he did with multiple page titles and meta descriptions to see how Google would rank them. He then wrote about his results in a Moz article. These results still hold true.

Search engine optimization is the art of selling a page to the web browsers. When you follow the tips in this video, you’ll see better results.