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Whiteboard Wednesday: Digital Advertising with Remarketing

Digital advertising with remarketing can increase your ad response rate by 10 times!

“In today’s age… the value of phone books, radio, TV, and print…is going down,” says Matt Morgan of Optimize Worldwide. “People are living on their cell phones, internet TV, Netflix, and things like that. So you’ve got to be online. You’ve got to have your website. You’ve got to be found on Google search. But Google search and word-of-mouth…to get people to your website is just still not enough. You need that competitive edge.”

Digital advertising gives you that competitive edge by putting your ads in front of your target audience. Remarketing, then, takes it a step further by showing your ads to the people that have already visited your website. In this Whiteboard Wednesday video, Matt Morgan explains how these work in tandem to get you the results you’re looking for.