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5 Ways That Your Business Website Can Improve Its Conversion Rate

Conversion rate optimization is the process of maximizing the conversion of website visitors into buying customers. SEO, content management, social media and PPC are all methods that marketers can employ to drive website visitors to their website. Changing algorithms have over the last 12 months affected the traffic levels for many businesses as reliance on search engine traffic alone can put businesses in venerable positions. The target of any online marketing strategy will be to drive as much traffic to a website as possible. Conversion rate optimization has become more important over the last 12 months as increasing the conversion rate of your current traffic becomes even more important. Here we look at 8 conversion optimization tips that you can use to get maximum benefit.

1. Selling Proposition

Here you need to consider unique selling points and remember this will be the first thing your potential buying customers will see when they visit your website. Your headline should be to the point but enticing.

2. Landing page design

Landing pages are a critical element of effective conversion rate optimization. Look at your competitors landing pages and see what they are doing effectively. Contact forms and call to action buttons are also major elements. Using call to action buttons, it is important to consider design, size, color and positioning.

3. Use Video or images

Video marketing is a great way to attract people’s attention. Video demos and images are a great way to improve the effectiveness of a landing page and ensure that it shows shows your products and services in a better light. Remember content that is visual can be seen rather than read and definitely creates a better impact.

4. Show your product in use

Showing videos or images of your product or services in use can also be a great way to improve your conversion. Imagine the impact of seeing a new fitness product actually in use with the before and after pictures. Yes we have all seen them. Well crafted demonstrations can be a major tool in helping to improve your website conversion rate.

5. Enticing Lead Capture Forms

Lead capture forms are the most crucial element of a landing page. Without an effective form, generating leads would be impossible. Main elements of lead capture forms include Positioning

The form should be visible and the user should not have to scroll down

  • Length of form
    The shorter the form, then the more likely is that people will fill it out. This will obviously help to increase your lead generation. The more form fields available then the better quality of information you will get but your prospects are more likely to consider whether it s worth filling out. Getting the right balance in terms of length and form fields will be a key consideration.
  • Form Fields
    The main consideration here is to remember that you are only asking for information that you need to pre qualify your sales leads. Too many form fields and your conversion may be considerably lower.
  • Submission Buttons
    Statistics provided by Hubspot claim that using the button submit can actually lower conversion rate. Studies have shown that buttons with click here and go have better conversion rates.
  • Call to action
    Standard practice should always be to use one effective call to action. Call to actions can represent several things that you are wanting a visitor to your website to do which can include finalizing a purchase, subscribing to your email list, clicking through to your landing page, signing up for your newsletter or simply downloading your white paper. Click through rate is the perfect way to analyze how effective your call to action is. The better crafted your call to action is the better your conversion rate will be.

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