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SEO Mistakes that Can Destroy Your Blog

Why do SEO mistakes destroy a blog? This is because once a blog stops’ receiving good numbers of traffic, the user tends to give up trying and the blog is left to fester until the domain is re-taken by the host. When web traffic starts to trickle instead of flow, it is good practice to do a full SEO analysis and find out what is causing the problem. It may be an external issue that is forcing you down the search engine results pages, or may be a hosting issue, but it is most likely that your problem stems from your internal (on-page) SEO. Browse this article to see if any of the problems listed here apply to your blog. If they do–you may find that your traffic problems will end as soon as your SEO problems do. You should also be aware of these problems so that you do not make similar mistakes in the future.

Sticking to one perspective perpetually

This may be good for some very opinionated blogs, but in most cases, it is going to scare off any readers. Try to tell various shades of a story and not just your point of view. Feel free to be biased if you like, but at least try to give your posts some perspective, even if you do not want to add a counter argument.

A lack of useful or detailed posts

You have to write interesting and detailed articles, especially if you are trying to be a source of confidant, truthful information. If your articles are short, less detailed, very general and uninformative, it will destroy your blogs usability, credibility and SEO value.

Do not re-hash old trash

Avoid writing content that has been written and rewritten dozens of times by other blogs. Be original and offer your users information that is otherwise unobtainable (if possible). Doing this may actually lead to your blog becoming an authority website.

Ignoring your readers

You have to write articles and put the pleasure of users before yourself. Taking into account your blog post length, style, vocabulary, frequency, attitude, and humor is a good way of figuring out if your blog posts put the user first.

No useful information

If people sign into read your blog and close your blog without finding any useful information, this behavior on a blog is interpreted by Google as “low residence time,” which is a long-term SEO killer.

A lack of linked sources

Getting links to point at your blog is good, but pointing links at external sources is a good way to gain a little bit more credibility. If you make your website devoid of any outside links, you risk lowering your blogs SEO value. Linked external sources are useful for developing certain concepts.

A low return rate

If people are not returning to your blog and are not signing up for your blog, even though you have middle/high traffic numbers, you need to fix the problem. If your blog has a low return rate, its search engine ranking will soon start to fall.

Thinking the users understands you unequivocally

Do not assume that users know what you’re talking about, especially when dealing with highly technical topics. It is not easy–and you do not have to get into specifics for every point, otherwise the post would become long, confusing and tedious for those who already know the technical terms. All you need to do is to find more of a compromise in order to make your article the more understandable for a larger band of users.

Being too……emotional?

If you use expressive foul language, your SEO value will drop. There are also filters on Google, which may preclude some viewers from ever seeing your text (although if you are using foul language, it is not a bad thing). Instead of using the old four letter Viking words such as the F and S word, why not try clever covers. For example, the less offensive Irish word of “Feck” sounds similar, but is not offensive (it is an expletive, but not a foul one). And the Urban-Afro-American word “Shizle” can replace the old misspelled Viking four letter word.

Spelling errors

The image of your website is important, so you need to pay attention to spelling errors. These days even your emails have a spell check function, so there is no excuse for accidental spelling mistakes. It is okay to make purposeful ones.

To many adverts and images

These take a long time to load, they will scare off potential viewers because your website/blog takes a long time to render (pop up) and a long time to complete loading. Google monitors the amount of traffic you lose this way, by recording the activities of people using Google Chrome. If you lose too many people this way then your SEO value will drop.

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