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How Redding Businesses Can Optimize Their WordPress Web Design For Mobile-Friendliness

For years, Redding business owners have been hearing over and over again how critical it is for their company, no matter how big or small, to have presence on the Internet. Now that most businesses are represented by websites explaining and promoting the products and services they offer, it’s time to advance along with technology once again. A single website may have been enough to reach the bulk of web users even just a few years ago, but as the number of smartphone consumers increase so does the need for mobile-friendly websites. Many people use the Internet as a research tool while they’re out and about, making it necessary for website owners to evolve along with the trend. Fortunately, WordPress web design has made it easy to turn a desktop-created site into one that is fully functional and compatible with mobile devices.

Install WordPress Mobile Plugins

There is no shortage of WordPress plugins that have been developed specifically for users who require a simple solution for acquiring a mobile-friendly website. Your site could be switched over to a mobile version in minutes with a few quick steps that just focus on adjusting content layout, or it can be customized to keep appearance in mind as well, depending on how in-depth you desire to go with it. Look for a plugin that offers all the features you think will make your mobile site the most appealing and user-friendly on a handheld device.

Choose Responsive Design Themes

WordPress responsive design themes allows website owners to select one layout that will remain the same no matter what kind of device it is being viewed on. For those who are just putting together a new WordPress web design, this may be the easiest route to take since it won’t involve the need for any plugins, a completely separate mobile site or revising for multiple platforms. Responsive design themes are set up for optimization on any mobile phone by automatically conforming to the screen it’s brought up on.

Customize Your Stylesheets

WordPress Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are another option for producing a mobile website. Customizing stylesheets gives you the opportunity to change your settings to specify different layout styles and content for different types of devices. The help of an expert WordPress designer can be especially useful if you decide to alter things on the backend to apply various stylesheets.

Create a Mobile WordPress Web Design

If your website has been established for quite some time and you don’t particularly want to change anything about it, you might want to think about creating a new site that is dedicated solely to mobile users. You may utilize features on your current WordPress web design that you don’t want to remove but that don’t cooperate on a phone, rendering it difficult to view on mobile devices. Setting up a mobile edition of your site will let you recreate just the pages and content that are most important for users to see and will make for a better user experience.

Whether you’re investing in a new WordPress web design for your Redding business or updating your existing one, it’s important for you to take mobile-friendliness into serious consideration along with your desktop design so that you may reach all potential clients and customers and not limit the success of your company.

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