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Advantages to Having an Online Backup Provider Manage Your WordPress Backup Service

Is your business prepared to handle a natural disaster, attack from a hacker or file corruptions? We all know how vital it is to maintain our computers and websites just in case there comes a time when data need to be recovered quickly, however, many people simply neglect the importance of backing up or don’t know where to start. If you are an organization that has your web presence set up in WordPress, you might want to consider what you would do if your server were to crash or there was a security breach that left your website with none of its original content.

Optimize Worldwide now supplies a remote service that takes care of file and data backups on a regular basis. Without a WordPress backup service it could mean a significant amount of downtime for a business and a loss of profits as well as money and time spent trying to get back up and running. As an online backup provider, Optimize Worldwide offers peace of mind and various other advantages in a situation that could otherwise be detrimental.

Routine Backups

Not wanting to take time away from other duties is often the reasoning behind business and website owners not performing backups as frequently as they should. Having Optimize Worldwide manage your WordPress backup service will give you the opportunity to carry out your tasks as needed while everything concerning your backup is taken care of for you. Weekly automatic backups will be arranged, which ensures that your most recent content is continuously being saved and stored.

Offsite Storage

Keeping a copy of your valuable website content and files somewhere other than your home or office is always a good idea. With cloud storage you never have to worry about a natural disaster striking or your entire computer being infected with a virus that contaminates everything on it, including your backups. Offsite storage allows your content to be kept somewhere safe and intact at all times and ready to be re-installed should the need ever arise.

Heightened Security

Security and backup go hand in hand. Regular backups help to make sure that the sensitive material your company handles doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Remote backup services use increased security measures to make sure your business is protected.

Accessibility to Content

Since your data is kept in cloud storage, you will have the ability to access it from anywhere you have an Internet connection. This is especially useful if you’re a business owner that is constantly on the go and requires access to content from multiple devices.

Acquiring a WordPress backup service before your website and data falls victim to corruption, fire, etc. is the key to a successful and secure online connection.