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Social Media Management for Your Redding Business Is More Than Just Posting Cool Memes

Are you one of the people who says, “I know how to do social media–I go on Facebook every day”? There’s a lot more to social media than that. Social media management for your Redding business requires strategy, consistency, and knowledge of current trends. And it’s key to your success.

Social Media Is Its Own Animal

Using social media to promote your business is different than using a website or a brochure. Think of social media as a species (dog) and each network as a specific breed (chihuahua, poodle, Siberian husky, etc.). Social media is defined as any network where people can follow or add people or businesses as friends or connections, but each network has specific characteristics, different rules, and unique demographics.

On Facebook, people become friends. On Google+, people add each other to circles. On Twitter and Instagram, people follow and become followed. Twitter likes pithy one-liners, Instagram likes filtered photos, and LinkedIn prefers business-only comics and articles. Understanding the wiring of each network is key to gaining a solid following.

Social Media Requires Consistent Effort

Do you really have time to go on five or six different social networks every day to post attention-grabbing content and to respond to fans, trolls, and other commenters? What about growing your networks? Do you have time to find the influencers in your field and to interact with them? Your time is money. And social media can siphon large amounts of time very quickly. (“Oops, I spent so much time on social media that my proposal to Big Opportunity Corp didn’t get done and now I have to stay up until 2 a.m. to meet the deadline.”)

Don’t let that happen to you. It is important for your business to keep up on social media, but it’s best handled by a dedicated social media person or team that has time to research current trends, develop attention-grabbing posts, and engage with followers and influencers.

Social Media Creates Traffic to Your Website

More than one billion people are on Facebook; 974 million are on Twitter. Fortunately, for the business owner, it doesn’t cost anything to post on social media and it doesn’t cost much to advertise, but both can lead to increased website traffic and ultimately, sales.

However, before you jump on it, remember that social media management requires strategy. A social media professional can help you determine who you need to target, when you need to do so, and how to route them to your website or purchase screen.

Who To Get For Social Media Management

Your 12-year-old nephew may not be the professional you’re needing. Social media management for your Redding business needs the creative genius of a person or team that knows how to get you in front of the right people at the right time.