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What is Social Media Management and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Though it’s been around for a while now, social media marketing is a concept that a lot of business owners still don’t fully understand. In a way that TV, radio and print advertising just can’t accomplish, social media management provides a means for companies to capture the attention of their target audience and engage with customers, locally and worldwide, on a personal level. For those who have yet to grasp and explore this strategy, you’re missing out on serious growth in brand awareness and an easy way to keep your products and services on the minds of consumers. Below are some of the main reasons why your business should be incorporating social media into its marketing plans.

Boost Online Exposure

Using various social media platforms allows you to boost your online exposure beyond what you’ve already done with your website and search engine optimization. In turn, you’re able to reach a whole new audience of prospective customers that may not have ever come across your products or services otherwise. On Twitter you can use hashtags to find consumers looking for the same thing you provide or promote your Facebook page to thousands of people who have shown interest in your exact type of company. These methods connect you directly with an audience that has real possibility of turning into a sale as well as significantly increase the number of brand mentions you have floating around on the Internet.

Customer Service

The interaction you engage in with existing and potential customers through social media outlets is valuable for building long-term business relationships, especially when it comes to the customer service you provide. Social media management gives companies the ability to respond to questions and problems in a more timely manner than email and even customer service phone numbers sometimes. Administrators of your social media profiles will receive notifications whenever there is activity and can address consumers right away with an answer or solution, which is likely to make a lasting positive impression.

Online Reviews

It’s no secret that word of mouth and recommendations are key when searching for new products or services before making a purchase or scheduling an appointment, but consumers are no longer just relying on the information they gather from people they know. They’re turning to the Internet, specifically social media, to see what others have to say about their experiences with particular brands and businesses. Google+, Facebook, Yelp, etc. all have sections for customer reviews, which are sure to weigh heavily on the decision of whether someone chooses what your company has to offer or decides to go with your competitor instead because of the feedback they see.

Business Becomes More Real and Relatable

It’s natural for people to want to do business with a company that they can relate to and feel a real connection to. Social media postings and photos give your brand a personal touch by letting people know not only about your products or services, but also about your employees, community involvement, business events and anything else that really captures the essence of your company and shares the message you want to convey to the public. The more a consumer identifies with your brand, the more apt they are to share it with others and get your name out there even more.

In this day and age, where everyone is consumed with social networking, social media management has become essential for success. The bottom line is that if your company doesn’t embrace social marketing tactics, it isn’t likely to gain the same level of recognition or profit as your competitors who are utilizing this strategy.

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Gina Ponce is a professional copywriter and social media manager for Optimize Worldwide, a company based in Redding, CA that specializes in web design and online marketing tactics. Gina is able to generate interesting and original content on just about anything you can think of due to her vast writing experience and has seen firsthand what social media can do for business recognition.