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Is Your Current Web Design Driving Off Potential Redding Customers?

It’s undeniable that in this day and age every business, no matter how big or small, needs online representation through a company website. However, as a business owner you should be aware that there are some instances where your site could actually be doing your business more harm than good. As consumers become increasingly tech and Internet savvy, they expect professional businesses to display a high level of standards, and a website will often be the first impression of a company that they get. If your web design isn’t up to par, you may be inadvertently driving potential Redding customers right into the waiting arms of your competitors. Below are common mistakes that are still seen in websites every day.

Unappealing Content

The largest part of your website’s success relies on content. This doesn’t just mean that you have to have some, but that it has to be relevant, be kept constantly updated and look appealing. Having text and images on your site that don’t have anything to do with your brand or the products and services you offer will only be confusing to consumers and lead them to believe you can’t provide what they’re looking for. Just as bad is content that is outdated and never has anything new to offer repeat visitors. It’s also important to examine how your content looks visually. Large blocks of text that don’t have any breaks and that are hard to read with the colors you’ve chosen is a definite turnoff.

Complex Navigation/Clutter

Have you ever been to a website and you just can’t seem to find what you went there in search of to begin with? It’s extremely frustrating, and if your customers are encountering this, you’re sure to lose them within a couple minutes or less. Having to navigate through advertisements, promotions, videos, etc. before finally locating something useful doesn’t support an enjoyable user experience. A simple search and navigation setup is the best way to ensure that valuable information can be found quickly.

User Registration

In the past, user registration was frequently implemented as a way for businesses to make sure they received consumer information to add to their database. But now, asking people to fill out all this information before they can even see what your company is all about is generally viewed as a nuisance, and sometimes, even pushy. Let consumers get to know you and your brand before requesting they spend their time giving out personal details.

Unresponsive Design

If you haven’t heard of responsive web design by now, there’s almost no doubt that your site is due for an upgrade. Responsive websites are built to adjust for mobile device users while they’re accessing the Internet on the go. With the prevalence of smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., businesses can no longer rely on the desktop version of their website to be enough. A site that doesn’t adapt across all platforms will look distorted on certain devices and a visitor will be forced to go elsewhere to find what they need.

Slow Loading Time

We are no longer living in a time of dial-up Internet, so there’s no reason for your website to take several minutes to load. Users that have to wait around every time they want to go to a new page or view an image will be quick to leave the site without any intentions of ever returning. Optimize your site for faster speeds, use suitable size images and get set up with a quality hosting company.

If you’ve noticed that you aren’t seeing the Redding website traffic you would like, it may be time to take a long, hard look at your web design. A professional in this field can help you make the changes necessary to attract visitors and keep them coming back time and time again.

Matt MorganAbout the Author

Matt Morgan is the CEO & Founder of Optimize Worldwide, a web design and online marketing company based in Northern California that helps local and national businesses create more powerful online results. Matt enjoys sharing successful web development tips and SEO strategies, as well as riding enduro motocross and hanging out with his wife and baby girl, Haley. To learn more from Matt, follow @MattMorgan105 on Twitter.