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Link Building Techniques for Google’s Penguin Update

Google has started a mission of cracking down on spammy websites. It has decided to display only original and informative content. Google has succeeded to a great extent in their mission but thousands of websites have been penalized for over optimization. Websites have faced a huge decline in their rankings. We need to accept that the increased practice of black hat techniques over the years has led to the Penguin update. Websites which had articles overstuffed with keywords faced a major downfall.

Traditional link building has been around for years. External factors such as building back-links determine the success of your website. SEO does not rely on links, but the search engine is featured to support link factors. Building back-links is not a difficult task, being a little smart in doing so is the key to success. Climbing back the ladder is simple when you practice the following link building techniques:

  1. Guest Blogging
    Guest blogging is the best method to build back-links. An author bio appears on the blog when you guest post. From the author bio two links point back to your website. This is the easiest way to earn back-links. Allow bloggers to provide free content for your website. The secret is to write excellent blog posts that will generate more traffic.
  2. Blog Commenting
    This is the easy way to generate back-links if you have ample time and patience. You need to frequently visit various blogs to drop comments. Read the post completely and then drop a comment. The comment needs to be relevant to the blog post. The common mistake that most of us do in blog commenting is, dropping comments like “nice”, “good”, “great” etc. Such comments normally reach the trash folder.
  3. Vary your Anchor Texts
    Do not stuff your post with the same anchor texts. Google will identify that you are trying hard for a higher page rank. But this only increases the problem. Try using various combinations of keywords that are linked to your post. When you diversify the keywords, the visitors are led in the right direction. Editorial keywords like “learn more”, “click here” etc can be used as anchor texts. This is a more natural way of attracting visitors to your site.
  4. Article Marketing
    This is a very old method of building links. The links obtained from article directories are of great value. Build back-links by writing articles and publishing them on article directories like Ezinearticles, Goarticles and more. This comes with a link that points to your blog. With this method you can build quality back-links and increase traffic to your site. Write good articles with unique information on a regular basis to increase your page ranking and website ranking.
  5. Concentrate on Quality
    You may be tired of hearing this repeatedly, but your success lies here. If you have many back-links from unreliable sites, your website is bound to be penalized by Google. If you practice guest posting, rely on one good post from trustworthy sites rather than 100 blogs from undependable sites.

Apart from this you can also use methods like social bookmarking, video submission, forum marketing, social engagement and more. Start finding new white hat methods and implement them. Diversify the methods you employ to improve your back links. Enjoy link building!

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