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Graphic Designers Can Build–Or Kill–Your Redding Business

Have you ever seen a website that made you cringe? Yoyo headlines, squashed images, blobs of text, comic sans font, fluorescent colors, or web pages 10 yards long–these are business-killing, graphic design fiascos. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. With the lion’s share of business marketing happening online, it becomes imperative that the graphic designers for your Redding business know what they’re doing. Here’s why.

Your Branding–Your Business Personality

Every business has a personality–a unique mission, if you will. Graphic designers need to be able to communicate your vision visually–on logos, websites, video clips, flyers, and the like. That means they need to be able to understand you, communicate with you, and work with you.

What does your company specialize in? Even if it’s septic and sewer services, you’ve got to brand it. How are you different than every other septic and sewer company in town? What, where, when, how, and to whom are you trying to sell your products or services? Do you have a slogan? For instance, a pest control truck has the tagline, “I see dead bugs,” on the tailgate. That’s a slogan that stays in your mind long after you’ve waited at the stoplight behind the truck.

Your Logo–Your Identity

Your business logo is everywhere–on your business card, your letterhead, your website, your truck, and maybe even on your coffee cup. It’s got to be the best. This is not the time to let a design newbie or cheap logo service do your logo. This is when you need to find a professional graphic designer who has a killer portfolio with at least several solid testimonials.

Your Website–Your Brand Promoter

This is your face to the world. A website with inferior design, sloppy spelling and grammar, molasses-slow page loads, and missing links may distract, or even turn away, some of your customers. Are you really committed to quality if your website can’t spell? How professional are you if you have a purple floral background and candy-colored text?

Your website needs to communicate who you are, what you do, and why customers should choose you. It needs to be easy to access, easy to read, and easy to navigate. Your graphic designer should be able to demonstrate that he or she can, in fact, accomplish these basic features while creating an appealing visual design.

Don’t fall for the first graphic designer who claims to know how to represent your business. Ask for solid proof of his or her work. Or choose a local team like Optimize. We have Redding graphic designers who are not only excellent with design, but are also trained in search engine optimization. That’s a double benefit.