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Why Should I Hire Optimize Worldwide to Build My Website?

Any answer we give might sound like a shameless promotion : )

So instead we would rather answer How do I find a reliable, competent, honest web developer? There are a lot of shady web developers out there. And we mean a lot! If somebody is offering to do a $500 job for $100 then there is a reason. Maybe they don’t know what they are doing, maybe they are desperate for money due to other failed projects, etc. In any case they are probably not reliable or effective web developers.

Anyone with some computer know how can set up a website and say that they build great websites. None of this means that they truly can. A good way to create a fast judgment as to if a web developer is on top their game would be to look into a few web trends in design. Read a few blogs on what is currently popular and effective for web design. Then look at the web developer’s website. If their site looks like they haven’t changed a thing since the late nineties chances are they haven’t kept up with web trends and do not have the capabilities to create an effective site for the web savvy clientele of today’s internet.

Another way to quickly figure it out is look at their web presence. Social media has exploded over the last couple of years. If your web developer can’t be found online then, in all likelihood, there’s a reason. Either they’re hiding from less than happy customers, they haven’t kept up with web trends enough to know how, or they are stuck in their old ways and feel that how they do it is how it needs to be done. The web is a constantly evolving marketplace. If a developer is not willing to keep up with or to change with it, then they will be technologically left behind.

Finally, how public are the developer’s conversations. Are they open to web discussions on their blog and in social media? A web developer that is willing to put themselves out there for both good and bad reviews is a person that thinks that customer care is important and that it’s important fix a situation with an unhappy customer.