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Why Should I Hire Optimize Worldwide as My SEO Company?

Instead of tooting our own horn we’d rather rephrase the question : )

How do I find a quality SEO company?

The first thing you should do is search for search engine optimization services in your local area or industry. If the company that you are looking into doesn’t come up in the search… why would they be able to help you come up in the search? Of course there are many variables when it comes to searching so you might want to give them a few chances. Try searching web development optimization, then try something like Redding SEO Company (replacing “Redding” with your city), and so on. The way search works is by keywords and key phrases so if the company doesn’t show up on the first try it could just mean that they aren’t optimized for the search term you chose.

Never make a judgment about an SEO company off of an email you received from them. After receiving a convincing email always go and check their site and try the search tactic in the previous paragraph. An effective email campaign has nothing to do with effective search engine optimization.

Finally, talk to them. They need to cover a few topics to make sure that they are effectively going to help you. Do they have a back linking strategy? Do they have a site optimization strategy? What about fresh content? All these things, and more, make up an effective SEO strategy. If they concentrate on only one of these they are not the company for you.

You might also come across flat rate pricing. Flat rate pricing for SEO is practically impossible. There is a formula involved. Optimize Worldwide will listen to your goals, review your current marketing initiatives, perform keyword research, analyze the competition in your target location, and then prepare a customized SEO program that fits your budget.