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How Long Will it Take for Optimize Worldwide to Complete My Site?

The time frame it takes for a site to be completed varies on the project.

When the project is set up there is a completion date that you agree upon. Your site will be done by that date. If we have to stay up all night and work for free your site WILL be done. That is our goal, it is a mantra of our business, and we WILL accomplish it.

On larger projects sometimes a set completion date is not practical due to work that needs to be done at your business to coincide with a launch. In this case we set up milestones. Milestone are completion dates of specific aspects of a project and we WILL have those done on time as well. We have built a very loyal client base. Our clients are loyal because they can depend on us to get the job done on time… no matter what.

You can read what some of our web design & SEO clients had to say about our turnaround time by reviewing our customer testimonials page.