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Couldn’t I Just Build My Own Website With WordPress?

Yes you could, but you might not want to.

WordPress is an amazing platform for creating websites. It’s easy to configure and there are tons of free and inexpensive plugins and themes that make it easy to add style and easy to add functionality. The problem here is that when people say that it’s easy and fast, they really mean that it’s easy and fast for developers… not necessarily for everybody.

There was a time in web history that sites were simple and search engines did all the work of finding and indexing the websites. Search engines did their best but it wasn’t a greatly effective system. Today the web has changed. There are tons of large tasks and tiny specifics that the search engines expect from a site to get it indexed and found.

Another reason you might not want to build your own site is those fast and easy plugins and themes. It’s true that there are many free themes and free plugins out there that can make a website do amazing things. ALL of these plugins and themes take configuration to make them work with your specific websites needs. Many of these changes involve programming knowledge of PHP and CSS. WordPress spits out HTML to web browsers, but WordPress itself is written in PHP and CSS. A good knowledge of HTML will only slightly help you in your website creation using WordPress.

The main reason you probably don’t want to build your own site with WordPress is that you should concentrate on what you are good at. If you are starting a business selling cars you shouldn’t waste your time learning how to build a website. You should concentrate on selling cars as efficiently and effectively as you can. Building a website takes a massive amount of research and time… research and time that would probably be better spent on making your business a success.