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3 Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Website with Google Ads in Redding, California

driving traffic to your website with Google Ads in Redding, CaliforniaA lot of small businesses in California are only now beginning to understand the power of PPC ads to boost sales, especially using the popular Google Ads program. Google gives you tons of features and ways to customize your ad campaigns to target your local customer base and tweak ads to optimize for maximum conversions. And if you use a good web design approach that incorporates landing pages customized to match with your different Google Ads, you can really skyrocket your conversion rate.

But you need to know what you’re doing. Otherwise you can quickly burn through your ad budget on clicks that will never convert into sales.

So here are three quick PPC tips for driving traffic to your website with Google Ads in Redding, California.

1. Include Local Keywords

When you are running a local business here in Redding or surrounding areas, you don’t want people 500 miles away to be clicking on your ads. You’ve got to customize your Google Ads so that you effectively target your local customers without attracting tons of clicks by people outside your service area.

Sure, you could be building brand awareness with these folks. And maybe someday – eventually – they’ll come to your store. But there are cheaper ways to build brand awareness with people outside Redding and outside California – that’s what content marketing and SEO are for. But if you’re paying for ad clicks from those folks, then you’re just flushing your ad spend down the drain.

Remember, you don’t just want to get more traffic to your site. You want targeted traffic – meaning that you want people who are likely to convert into paying customers. You want to get a good ROI on your digital marketing budget, right?

So make sure that you include a variety of local keywords in your ads that effectively target local Redding customers. You will also use location/radius targeting, but including neighborhood, city, state and regional keywords in your ads will also drive additional clicks and traffic.

2. Add Location Extension

A lot of small businesses make basic mistakes when they first start running Google Ads. For those companies who are looking to drive foot traffic to their physical brick-and-mortar store locations, one of their most fatal mistakes is that they don’t enable location extensions and filter out clicks from outside their service area.

Instead, they just go with the default setting that allows searchers who show interest in their location rather than limiting clicks to people who are actually located in their local area. Sure, they might be showing interest in your products and services at the moment, but most of them aren’t going to actually walk through your door any time soon.

This mistake leads to a low conversion rate and a blown budget.

3. Use Dynamic Site Links

A third way to boost Google Ads conversions and get more traffic to your company website is to enable dynamic site links in your ads that bring customers deep into your site based on their known interests.

It’s amazing how many of your competitors don’t have these links activated on their Google Ads. But their mistake is your opportunity. So make sure that you use dynamic site links so that all of your ads can bring targeted visitors straight to your site with a single click.

So there you have it: three solid tips to bring more local Redding customers to your site, improving your conversion rate and ultimately making more sales and profits.