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Redding web design & web development optimization

When one mentions the words, “web development”, the first thing that comes to mind is the creation of web site and how it would look form the visitor’s point of view. In truth, web development is more than that. It also concerns itself with functionalities and activities that a site visitor may not even be aware of.

One of the things that a Redding web design company can help you with is site optimization. Site optimization is the process of tweaking a web site in order to get higher ranking. In principle, the higher a site ranks, the more likely it would get good traffic. Of course, high volume traffic means higher probability for sales.

When web developers optimize a site, one of the things that they look into is the use of keywords. As tempting as it may seem, you cannot just choose about any keyword to use on your site. Your best move is to make use of high ranking keywords where the competition is minimal. Keep in mind that using keywords where there is a significant competition would rarely get you the ranking, and subsequently, the traffic that you need.

Most Redding web design professionals also suggest that the use of images and flash animations be kept to a minimum. The use of frames and Java applications should also be kept to a minimum as they not only affect the loading time of a page, they also do not add any value to the ranking of a page. Oftentimes, they could even cause a site to lose its ranking.

Since most web sites and pages make use of tables and cells, a number of Redding web development companies recommend that the use of these also be kept to a minimum. Too much use of cells and tables is the number one cause of sites not rendering properly on other browsers.

Lastly, most Redding web development professionals recommend that you keep away from pages that re-direct. This means that you should not send visitors to one of your pages to another page without exactly telling them why they are being redirected. There are times when spiders and search engine bots could see this as trying to unscrupulously up the ranking of another site.

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