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Why Your Company Needs a WordPress Backup Solution

Nowadays, the majority of businesses have active websites. Many of these websites are imperative to the business’s functions and an essential part of the revenue process. Simply put, you cannot afford for your company website to be offline for any significant amount of time.

If you think you’re safe, think again. If a billion dollar company like Amazon can have a server crash, resulting in permanent loss of data, so can you. You need a backup plan, and fortunately, obtaining a WordPress backup solution is actually quite easy.

What can a backup solution do for you? For starters, it ensures that your essential files will not be deleted or compromised in the event of a server crash, hack attack, or internal accident. Careless employees performing site updates can be just as hazardous as a skilled hacker. Additionally, having a backup solution means you never have to worry about your site being down for any significant length of time. Your files are always kept safe and secure and can be uploaded back into the server at a moments notice, no matter how extensive the initial damage.

Basically, this is a one-stop, complete and total solution for what could be nightmare caliber problem. Optimize Worldwide can provide you with such a service for only $29.99 per month, a fraction of what it could cost you elsewhere. If your site is built on WordPress and provides you with any level of regular income, you need a WordPress backup solution.