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No One is Safe From Hackers: Why You Need WordPress Security Now

Internet security breaches are constantly being developed, often right under our noses, by hackers who know how to cause major chaos and disruption by taking advantage of website vulnerabilities. Yet, there are still plenty of website owners that don’t take the importance of security seriously enough. People mistakenly believe cyber crime just won’t affect them, but take the recent Target catastrophe, for example, which shows that a breach can happen to any company when it isn’t properly secured.

The security of WordPress websites, in particular, has been questioned for some time now since its popularity among Internet users doesn’t seem to be a deterrent to hackers, but actually makes it more enticing. Attackers have gone so far as to target establishments such as financial institutions and big name universities that have websites on the WordPress platform. The point is, no matter how big or small your business or organization is, it isn’t safe until an adequate WordPress security plan has been put into place.

Number One WordPress Security Issue

Even as the most favored content management system across the globe, WordPress, has had its own security issues and has been in the news quite a bit as of late in regards to the numerous attempts of intrusion that have been made against its websites. However, this isn’t to blame on WordPress itself, but the end user. Once a website is built, it is up to the owner to take responsibility for ensuring that a high level of security is being maintained. Hence, the number one WordPress security issue is generally the owner – your website can only be as secure as you make it.

Common WordPress Security Errors

The most common WordPress security errors come from believing these myths:

  1. There is nothing left to be done once a website is up and running.
  2. Installing a security plugin should be sufficient.
  3. I can update to new versions of WordPress whenever I get around to it.
  4. The best password is something simple that I can remember for every Internet login I have.
  5. No one will have enough interest in my site to attack it.
  6. If my site is compromised, I’ll know right away.

Effective WordPress Security Tips

There are several things that can be done to significantly improve a website’s security. All updates should be done as soon as a notification is received, as older versions of WordPress are much easier to attack. Create a strong and unique password and be sure to change the default admin user. Only use themes and plugins from reputable sources and continue to update them, but don’t install too many and remove the ones you no longer use. One of the most important tips is to always remember to backup your site.

Any website on the Internet has the potential to become a target. Don’t be the weak link that allows your website to become compromised because you didn’t get around to taking the steps necessary for protection. For real peace of mind, call to find out more about the WordPress security service offered by Optimize Worldwide.

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