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SEO Tip: 6 Steps to Optimizing Your Page Titles

Matt Morgan, CEO at Optimize Worldwide offers 6 simple tips you can implement for your business to help obtain top page rank in Google, Bing & Yahoo!

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Hi, my name is Matt Morgan, CEO at Optimize Worldwide. We are a search engine optimization company based right here in Redding, California and we like to offer tips, tricks and things you can implement for your business to obtain top page rank in Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Today I want to talk about some simple tips to optimize your page titles for the content you publish online. The first step is to ensure you only have one H1 tag on any given web page or article. Often times, if you check to code of your website, you might have two H1 tags present and that is going to throw an error basically it’s going to confuse the search engine robots. They are coming to your page and they are looking for a specific heading to determine what this web page is about before they send the visitors there.

Secondly, you are going to want to make sure that you have your keywords in your page titles. This is very important. One of your, your headings are one of the most important factors in page rank. Again, it really determines what the web page is about, therefore, the search engines are going to be looking for this to determine if they are going to send people your way.

Make sure that your page titles are clear, predictable, and you are not steering away from the topic of that page.

Additionally, you are going to want to make sure that you keep your page titles short. A short, good character limit to range from is 65 to 70 characters. Why? Well, number one it’s a search engine tactic. Basically, this is what the search engines want. Is less than, over 50 characters and less than 70 characters is a really good range. Esthetically, if you are searching for something online, you’ll notice that anything passed that range is going to get truncated, so your visitors aren’t even going to see anything passed that anyways.

You are also going to want to make sure to remove anything unnecessary. Often times people will build web pages; they are so proud of their nice looking website and they leave a page called Homepage. Or it’s called Index, Contact. You know it’s, elaborate a little bit. Make sure you’ve really put some time and effort into choosing the right heading for your page title, and again, ensure you include those keywords.

Lastly, one of the most important things, technically, is to ensure every heading on your web page, on your entire website is unique. Google Webmaster Tools actually has a report that will show you all of the duplicate page titles that you have on your website. It’s basically throwing an error. It’s saying “Hey, we don’t like this”. Every page title should be unique. The more errors you have reported, will basically limit your ability to obtain top page rank.

These are some simple tips that we use that work really well for us. I hope they work well for you. Again, my name is Matt Morgan, CEO here at Optimize Worldwide. We build search engine friendly websites and we like helping people obtain top page rank. Go out to our website, we’ve got more tips You can email us directly, thank you.