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10 Tips to Driving Your SEO with Social Media

driving traffic to your website with Google Ads in Redding, CaliforniaSocial media platforms have become virtual communities in which your business can grow and thrive. Users are more likely to see an update, message, or image that has been posted on social media and this means they are also more apt to click into your website to read the content. Not only that, social media helps you get your content seen which then leads to more brand mentions and the type of organic searches that search engines like to see. As a result, your businessā€™s social media presence will improve your rankings simply because the sharing and discussion of your content will open entry points for search engines.

Grow Organically

The high public use of social media prompts customers to directly interact with businesses and creates a higher likelihood of online word of mouth. The first step to organic social growth is to provide quality content. The better your shared content, the more likely it is that your message will be repeated and lead more traffic to your site. In the eyes of search engines, likes, shares, favorites, replies, and retweets count toward your businessā€™s authority on a particular topic. Next, the more active your brand is on social media sites, the more it will show up on search results. Google, in particular, favors popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The more prevalent your brand is on these sites, the more Google will see your content and improve your businessā€™s SEO rankings. Finally, search engines can detect the quality of your followers. For this reason, web-marketing experts recommend using follow-back strategies to drive traffic and build a trove of relevant users interested enough in your content to like, share, andĀ click into your website.

Engage Constantly

Itā€™s well known that Google and other search engines like new content and the following tips will also help boost your rankings. By and large, fresh content for your blogs and other events can be maximized by timeliness. Using seasonal keywords or drawing topics from recent news can drive more traffic to your site because people are already searching for and sharing that type of content. Meanwhile, it is highly suggested that you read your target audienceā€™s content, join the conversation and use what you learn to provide relevant information. Furthermore, getting involved in local events and inviting residents to participate in your social media conversations will lead to more organic followers that are actually interested in your business and the content you provide. Your business should strive to remain involved with followers after a post and be involved in aĀ direct conversation with them in order to retain that interactive following. Likewise, interaction with other local brands will extend your network of social media followers. This will no doubt lead to an increased reputation on social media which will promote a higher brand presence and, therefore, more brand searches.

In conclusion, the careful selection and development of your target market will increase the likelihood that your post will be shared with those interested in your brand, service, or topic. Thus, a cycle is created in which those shares lead to more followers and those followers then provide more shares. Just be sure to pay attention to your followers and allow customers to express their needs, wants and values. And by all means, please donā€™t forget to include a link to your content.