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How to Use Banner Ads Effectively in Online Advertising

There’s no doubt that if you spend any kind of time on the Internet you’ve seen a good number of banner ads promoting a variety of products and services. They show up on pretty much any website you visit and some may even start to follow you around as you browse from site to site. Business owners use this tactic as a form of online advertising to create branding recognition and appeal to more visitors that could turn into potential customers. Though this isn’t exactly a new type of Internet marketing tactic, it’s affordable for most businesses and can be very effective when used correctly.

Designing Your Banner Ads

Whether you are designing your own banner ads or have hired a company to take care of your online advertising for you, there are some general tips that are useful in making sure your ads are as powerful as possible in grabbing the attention of consumers.

  • Stick to the standard sizes that have been found to be most successful.
  • Always incorporate your logo, a clear description of the product or service being offered (including any discounts or giveaways) and a call to action.
  • Don’t make the design too complex. With limited space, you don’t want users to be confused about where to look.
  • Maintain consistency with colors, text and button positioning.
  • Only use visuals that are relevant to your company.
  • Make the message you are trying to convey clear and immediately readable.

The point is to ensure that your banner ads stand out on whichever website they’re on and stay on the minds of consumers.

Finding Placement For Your Banner Ads

If you hire a company that specializes in online advertising, they will be able to manage the web space you will receive for your banner ad placement depending on your budget. Without the help of an experienced marketing company, you could end up spending a lot of time and effort researching and reaching out to numerous websites and blog owners trying to get your ads placed. So, going this route may not give you the best chance of getting the most return on your investment.

Using Retargeting as Part of Your Banner Ad Strategy

Retargeting is a method businesses use to consistently keep their banner ads in front of specific consumers. As previously mentioned, you may have noticed ads that pop up again and again as you visit different sites. This is because at one time you have searched for that particular product or service that the company has to offer or gone to their website but left without converting into a customer. Retargeting helps those companies to remind consumers of their interest until they hopefully decide to click on the banner ad and turn that interest into a purchase.

Most businesses these days understand the importance of shifting more of their marketing efforts into online advertising, and banner ads have proven for many that successful results are right around the corner. Hiring an experience firm to manage your online advertising and banner ads can provide additional traffic to your website and more importantly, phone calls.

Melissa Miller | Account Executive at Optimize WorldwideAbout the Author

Melissa Miller is an Account Executive at Optimize Worldwide, a Northern California based online marketing company specializing in creating more powerful online results through website design, SEO, and internet advertising. She earned her bachelor of arts degree in journalism and public relations from California State University, Chico, and has had a passion for writing since she was a little girl. Melissa’s motto is “educate, love, learn.