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Generate Leads using Email Marketing

Email marketing is without a doubt one of the strongest marketing tools out there. Whether large or small, well-informed email marketers are tapping into this unbelievable growing resource. For those of who are not using email marketing, listed below are some compelling reasons to consider when looking for another positive strategy to add to your marketing mix.

Email Marketing Builds Leads

Generate Leads using Email MarketingWhy is email marketing so highly effective? Email enables you to send thousands of direct messages with the click of a mouse. Within seconds, your email travels on the Internet throughout the globe, unhindered by distance and time. With this cost-effective, lightning fast method, you stay in constant contact with your entire database of clients, prospects, and leads, preserving and building long-lasting relationships, while increasing your business overtime.

Email Marketing Really Works

Direct Targeting

Targeting the right prospects with the right message and product is highly effective. With email marketing campaigns, you may break down your lists by demographics and previously recorded behavioral data. Each campaign can be directed to educate, with valuable marketing tips, while others receive special offers and product information. Building relationships based on loyalty, relevance, and trust, results in repeat sales and cross selling.

Call to Action

Directing your shoppers to your website or specific landing page is where it begins. With the right message and website page reflecting that message, your brand, and personal voice, you can grow your sales, while obtaining their updated email addresses and personal information.

The Email Marketing Advantage: Email Campaigns:

  • Enhance sales
  • Generate repeat sales
  • Enable cross selling
  • Create up selling
  • Facilitate valuable feedback from prospects and clients

Measuring your Results

Email marketing results are highly measurable. Why is this so important? How can you manage and adapt your future campaigns if you do not have your campaign results to work with? Email campaigns are not subjective. Your opinions may be relevant, but they are relevant only to you. How others perceive your offers, information, and call to action, is another story. Once you hit that send button, the work just begins. With the right email marketing software, you can record and track:

  • # of emails delivered/non-deliverable
  • # of emails opened/unopened
  • # of emails trashed
  • # of open clicks
  • # of opt-ins/opt-outs
  • # of conversions – clicked through to sales

HTML Email Marketing Campaigns

HTML email campaigns are another proven marketing vehicle when looking to build leads and grow your bottom line. If you are an established online business, or you are now thinking of creating one, direct email newsletter marketing can help. With the right email marketing software, you can easily pick a professional, pre-optimized template design, which will make a great first impression from the start. Appearance always matters, whether right or wrong. Your company is sized up within seconds, from just one glance at a design or color.

Creating an email marketing newsletter campaign establishes relationships with your clients and prospects. They are a limitless resource of possibilities, limited only to your creativity and imagination.

All of us are overwhelmed with advertising. So why not use your newsletter campaigns to offer:

  • Real life testimonials
  • Money saving tips
  • Updates on your product or service niche
  • A feedback form asking for their comments and ideas

Respect your Clients by Heeding Their Suggestion: Give people a nice surprise. Implement their valuable suggestions. Most people distrust those in sales and marketing. What a refreshing change for them to see your actually value their opinions.

Email Marketing – Main Points

  1. Making that Personal Connection. Capturing your prospect’s attention is an essential first step. Your email campaign leads someone to either join your newsletter, download a demo, or clicking through to a sale. In essence, you are using your campaigns to motivate to a desired action, always resulting in a further purchase or future communication.
  2. Nurturing Relationships – The long and winding road to success. Creating loyalty and trust, where none exists, sounds like a job for Superman. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix, or magical formula, that will ever take the place of good old-fashioned hard work and research. Finding out what your clients and prospects want and giving it to them may sound like a simple answer, but it is not. You need to see what your competitors are talking about, research the social media sites with your specific keywords and phrases, getting the most recent chatter that you will need to help implement a relevant and valuable email marketing campaign.
  3. Trust Takes Time. Build and They will come. Building trust cannot be overemphasized. It remains and continues to be a major key ingredient when looking to establish long lasting customer relationships. When sending out promotional emails, you are sending out a bit of yourself. A promotional email does not automatically create trust. When a prospect decides to take a chance on your product or service, what they experience in that process, can be the sole dividing factor. How they are treated, how quickly their questions are answered, and the quality of service and feedback they receive, will result in a positive or negative conclusion, in their minds.

If your call to action is to acquire email opt-ins to your newsletter, then you want to make sure you do not use their emails to bombard them with offers and sales. Do not use their trust to send your prospects gimmicks and hype. That will lead you down a path towards the label of spamming. You rarely get a second chance to make a good first impression. Send them a thank you with a gift. Everyone loves a valuable tip, especially in a bad economy.

Whatever email marketing strategy or vehicle you use, remember this one important rule. Never promise more than you deliver and always stand by your word. You have worked so hard to gain their trust, which can easily be lost overnight. If possible, give more than they expected. Create a positive viral campaign with your integrity and honesty. That is a time-honored principle by anyone’s standards.