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Why Businesses Need Online Marketing Now More Than Ever

The Internet has taken over our lives in so many aspects, and it’s only bound to become even more important as time goes on. It’s now where people prefer to shop, communicate, read the news, book their travel, take college classes and so much more. This means that if your business hasn’t already integrated an online marketing strategy into its advertising plans, chances are, you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers and profit.

Many companies are still choosing to pour quite a bit of money into print and commercial ads and making the mistake of ignoring online marketing altogether. Not only is it usually much cheaper to advertise on the Internet, but there are several other ways you can benefit from going this route as well, making it a very valuable and effective marketing tool. Here are some of the reasons every business needs an online marketing plan.

Name Recognition

As most business owners are aware, it’s critical to get your name in front of a large market of consumers so that they become familiar with the products and/or services that you offer. The stronger your presence on the Internet is, the more your brand will begin to come up in searches that are done for your particular industry. Seeing your company name or logo come up again and again over your competitors will help create recognition and interest in your business.

Change in Consumer Habits

Consumer habits are not the same from years past when the Internet wasn’t widely available in every household and watching television meant having to sit through commercials, but things have changed immensely. Most people now view the Internet as a necessity, not just a luxury, and it’s where people turn to for several of their needs. There has also been the development of DVR technology and satellite radio, which allows subscribers to skip local commercials as they please. What this all boils down to is that advertising on platforms such as newspapers, TV and radio is becoming less and less effective because consumers aren’t paying as much attention to those outlets, making it necessary to grab their attention when they go online.

Ability to Increase Conversions

Conversions are primarily what you’re hoping to achieve when you advertise. Through banner ads, search engine optimization and social media, online marketing significantly increases the amount of potential consumers you are able to reach, and therefore your conversions as well. The Internet gives you the ability to span incredible distances and market to audiences you wouldn’t be given the opportunity to reach through TV commercials, radio, print, etc.

Build Up a Loyal Following

As social networking continues to take over a big part of the day for a lot of people, businesses can capitalize by building a following with new and existing customers. Social media marketing allows businesses a place to offer their followers personalized promotional deals and up-to-the-minute customer service. Connecting with consumers in this way is sure to make them feel loyal to your brand and refer your company to friends and family.

The Internet is here to stay, and if your business isn’t utilizing all the advantages there are to online marketing, there’s a real possibility you won’t be able to keep up with your competitors for very long.

Gina Ponce ProfileAbout the Author

As a professional copywriter and social media manager for Optimize Worldwide, Gina Ponce hopes to show businesses how important it is to enhance their television, radio and print advertising campaigns by adding online marketing strategies. She has seen firsthand what this can do to increase business recognition and conversion rates as well as create long-lasting consumer relationships.