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The Best Digital Advertising Solution For Promoting Your Website in Northern California

You’ve been diligently updating your website and made sure it’s responsive, but you still aren’t generating enough traffic to boost your company’s ROI. Not only is this frustrating, but it can also seriously impact your bottom line.

Marketing has changed so much over the last 10 years. Even over the last few years. The changes in the digital landscape now make it virtually impossible to get ahead without investing in digital advertising. But if you’re new the world of advertising not knowing where to start can be just as bad as not doing anything.

Whether you’re still tossing around the idea of digital advertising or simply need a few good reasons why you should invest your marketing dollars, read on to learn how you can promote your website with digital advertising.

Low-Cost Solution

Whether you run a multi-million-dollar corporation or are trying to monetize your blog – digital advertising is a must. It’s a low-cost solution that puts you and your website in front of your target audience, where they spend most of their time.

Think of your website as if it’s the front door to your home. What does it say about you? Investing in digital advertising boosts visibility without breaking the bank. Depending on how you go about and where, you can advertise online for as little as $10 dollars or less a day and still see an increase in website traffic.

Measurable Results

Years ago, businesses had to resort to direct mailings to hopefully increase foot traffic. Both time and money were spent without ever knowing if it was really worth it. Now, digital advertising allows you to measure your results. All social media platforms, in addition to Google, allow you to measure how well your marketing efforts are doing. It also gives insight to what isn’t working, so you can adjust your strategy.

The most common analytics you can measure for an online business include website clicks, page time, likes, comments, shares and even cart abandonment. For bloggers looking to monetize their website, you can see how many people landed on your page and where they went once their entered your website.

Target Your Audience

The entire purpose of having a website is so that a certain demographic can see it, buy from you, or even just read it. Digital advertising allows you to set the parameters of who you want to do business with. For example, if your website is geared towards new moms, you can scale your marketing efforts to women who have children, live in a certain area and even whether they work or not.

You can then tailor ads to what you want them to do. You can create content that makes your target audience engage with your website, purchase from you or even encourage them to share your content with other like-minded people.

Final Thoughts

Promoting your website with this method really isn’t different than traditional word-of-mouth advertising. The difference is that you can now spread the word further and faster than ever before, all thanks to digital advertising.