Securing Your WordPress Site in 8 Steps

Cam SecoreWeb Design

WordPress Security

Protect your investment from hackers with these WordPress security tips You’ve probably heard stories of WordPress sites getting hacked and you don’t want to become another victim. That’s a good first step, but how do … Read More

10 Strategies for Designing Great Websites

Korah MorrisonWeb Design

Web Design Tips

Korah Morrison shares tips to strategically design your next website. Your landing pages should have something which stands out and differs from what everyone else is offering. What you use depends on the type of website, but a good way to do this is to research other websites in the same sector first.

10 Tips to Design Websites for Kids

Sonia JacksonWeb Design

Website Design for Kids

Designing websites for kids is a difficult task, because they are not the worlds biggest online users until they grow up a little. They also have no money or means of acquiring more money. Any … Read More

WordPress for Beginners – Top 5 Tips

Optimize Worldwide, Inc.Web Design

WordPress Tips for Beginners

Today, almost every single business, big or small, needs a website to really thrive. Since building a successful website isn’t an easy task, most new business owners seek out an expert to take care of … Read More