Optimize Worldwide offers a number of tools to help you research and optimize your site for search engine visibility:

Website Malware Scanner

Don’t just sit back and wonder if your website is infected with malware or wait until it’s too late to take action. Use this free malware scanner now to detect any threats that may be lurking around.

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Free Local Listing Scan

Local listings are more important than a lot of business owners realize. We are committed to helping you make sure your data can be found on the Internet, that it shows up correctly and that it’s consistent across all sites.

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Free Website SEO Report

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that can be extremely effective in helping your website become more visible and rank at the top of major search engines. Complete this form below to receive your Free SEO Website Report

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XML Sitemap Guide

In this downloadable guide, I explain step-by-step how to suggest your website pages and articles to the top search engines.

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