What is “Co-Competition”?

This term was coined by Matt Morgan, founder and CEO of Optimize Worldwide, in an effort to describe competing companies that cooperate with each other to provide a higher value of service to their customers and community, ultimately enhancing the industry itself.

Matt believes that by sharing ideas and collaborating with direct competitors, locally and nationally, all businesses who participate in healthy co-competition will benefit.

This forward-thinking business practice requires a level of commitment and trust amongst co-competitors.

Social Meetups

Matt’s recent endeavor, Qwerty530, has come out of a desire to bring local marketing and SEO experts together in a social setting to learn from one another how to make the web a better place.

Qwerty530 Facebook Cover

Online communities

Industry experts who practice co-competition often share advice and strategies openly and freely on blogs and forums. The engagement is often accompanied by high-fives as well as constructive criticism from fellow competitors.

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