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Benefits of Having a Website Designer in Redding California

How a Professional Web Designer Can Drive Traffic To Your Website

Your website is the first impression potential customers or clients have when they visit your site on the Internet. First impressions are everything, and a disorganized or non-user friendly website can make or break your business when it comes to finding new clients. A good website should be visually appealing, responsive across various types of devices, informative, and have functional buttons or contact forms so customers can reach your company.

Benefits to Having a Website Designer in Redding CaliforniaRISKS OF CREATING YOUR OWN WEBSITE

Some business owners opt to design their website themselves, and that is okay, but the mistake people without a background in website design make is not planning for accessibility and not testing to see how the website appears on different screen sizes. Although your site might look great on your laptop, when a person travels to your site on their iPhone, it won’t look the same. Menu bars can be out of line, photographs can look too stretched, and this gives off the appearance that no effort was put into the website. When a site looks unprofessional, users will be hesitant about providing basic information like their email address or name, and most will not be willing to navigate further to see any listed products you might have for sale. If the website looks like a scam website, you will end up losing business. This is why it is beneficial to have your website professionally designed by an experienced web developer or designer.


Saves time

For the inexperienced person who may not understand UX design or typography, finding the right colors and fonts to showcase on your site may be challenging. Countless hours can be lost trying to find just the right look, and it puts busy business owners behind schedule when they are not able to focus on the day-to-day tasks of running their companies.

Advanced functionality

Lots of businesses have websites nowadays, and you can tell the difference between professional design and someone who slapped a couple of pictures onto a site and changed the background color. A web developer not only can bring your website to the 21st century, but instead of a boring static website, they can integrate social media, videos, maps, and search feature API’s that can pull up real-time information that a user might be looking for. When you have all of these functional parts of a website, it lends credibility, and people are more likely to do business with or purchase items on your site.

Increases speed

Websites that take too long to load lose traffic. This is a fact. No one wants to wait five minutes for a whole website to load. Instead user behavior shows that if the site takes too long, they will skip over your website and head over to a competitor website that doesn’t take as long to get the information they’re looking for. Site designers are more than aware of this, and they know how to add plug-ins to your site which can help improve the overall speed of site loading.

For businesses that want to attract more traffic to their websites in the Redding, CA area, finding an experienced web designer is the first step.