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Don’t Run the Risk of Losing Your WordPress Website Content

Take Advantage of Our Backup & Security Service

After all of the hard work, time and effort that has been put into your website, how would you feel if suddenly one day you realize it’s been compromised by a hacker, or even worse, all of your data is simply gone? There’s no doubt it is damaging to a business to be offline for even a few hours, and yet, it continues to be a common occurrence for those who use WordPress websites to overlook the security that is needed to maintain and preserve all files and content. Understanding what a reliable WordPress security service Optimize Worldwide can offer you and your company may make it easier to appreciate the importance and value in taking immediate action against the threats that put your site at risk.

Locking Down WordPress Files and Database

Locking down the files and database located within your site will include setting you up with strong usernames and passwords that cannot easily be guessed, limiting the number of login attempts allowed, restricting file permissions, disabling file editing and handling several other elements that would otherwise make your WordPress site vulnerable to danger.

Updating WordPress to the Latest Version

Maintaining version updates is one of the most significant aspects of a WordPress security service, but many people put it off or simply neglect the notification because they’re busy tending to other duties. As a result, they are allowing their site to become exposed in an older version of WordPress that doesn’t have all of the new features and bugs worked out by developers.

Keeping Plugins Up-to-Date

Even though plugins are great and can add a lot of valuable features to your site, those that are out-of-date or are no longer being used pose a safety issue for WordPress. Exploitations happen often when newer versions aren’t installed right away.

Weekly Website Backups

A quick recovery service is just as important as upholding security. Since there will always be a slight chance that your site could still be attacked by some really savvy hackers, regular backups of all of the content your site holds needs to be conducted and stored so that it’s ready to be put back into place immediately should a breach in security arise.

Offsite Backup Storage

Your backup information should be stored and made easily accessible in a trusted location that cannot be compromised. This will ensure that you will have your exact files and database should your site need to be set up again.

While there is no 100 percent defense guarantee for any WordPress security service, your odds of thwarting a hackers attempts or blocking malicious links are much better with the proper security implemented, and we are more than happy to manage everything for you and give you the peace of mind to be able to focus on running a successful business.

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