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Why Social Media Will Be Crucial for Your Business in 2013

If your business doesn’t have a social media account already, you should reconsider. As there are many social media websites, each can help to strengthen your brand. Even if your business has an account on many social media websites, they will play a central role in 2013 and here’s why.

Social media is increasing in popularity

Facebook announced in October 2012 that it has more than a billion unique accounts. This is a remarkable fact and Twitter’s popularity is also increasing too. Although not every person on social media websites can help your business, there is a small percentage that probably can. By regularly posting status updates or tweeting every couple of days, your account is very appealing and shows that it is not stale.

Connections can be made free of charge

As the expendable income which businesses across the world have continues to be very low, social media websites offer a cost effective solution. This is because lucrative connections can be made free of charge. As social media websites can be accessed whenever you want, messages to potential leads could be sent when a meeting has ended or in the evening after you’ve completed work for an important client.

Smartphone sales continue to increase

There are many smartphones which can be purchased. The iPhone and Android device are examples of such and social media apps are normally the first which people download. As the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn apps are downloaded every day, there is an ever-growing market for them, especially as even more people than ever before are using smartphones. As many towns and cities in the UK now have Wi-Fi hotspots, web users could find out about your company when they are commuting.

Your search ranking can benefit

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content can help your website to have a high search ranking. As many web users find out about a company courtesy of its SEO content, social media websites can promote it. As many people are choosing to search online for goods and services on their smartphone, there is a greater chance that it will be found when it is posted or tweeted.

Videos can be posted

Many web users now expect videos to accompany SEO content. When SEO content has a video, web users are more likely to pay attention. Although a video could be uploaded onto YouTube, web users might not want to find out information about your company on this website because it could take a while. When videos are posted onto social media websites, web users can learn about a company because other pertinent information is evident.

2013 will be a big year for social media. As technology continues to evolve, many new social media websites could emerge which millions of people across the world might join. Social media is here to stay and it will be an interesting couple of months for businesses, especially as the way in which they connect with customers is continually changing.

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