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Optimize Worldwide Lends a Hand in Redding Crime Prevention

New website design promote neighborhood watch

There’s no doubt that Redding and its surrounding areas have become plagued with criminal activity in recent years, and many are questioning what they can do to keep themselves, their families and their businesses safe. Working towards providing residents and business owners with answers, Redding Merchants Crime Watch teamed up with local web design company Optimize Worldwide to develop a website that would allow those in the community to easily report a crime to the police department as well as access suggestions for crime prevention.

The Record Searchlight officially introduced the website and its new Neighborhood section last week, which addresses the increasing concern of community members by giving them tips and neighborhood watch resources. Optimize Worldwide founder and CEO, Matt Morgan, who is no stranger to community involvement and volunteer work, saw this as another opportunity to give back and lend support to the efforts being implemented to reduce the crime that is taking place in neighborhoods all over the city. Understanding that a change must happen, Morgan is quoted as saying, “It needed to be done. I have the resources at my fingertips to do the website. This is my contribution… Crime is a huge issue.”

By lending the web design, graphic skills and social media knowledge of his Optimize Worldwide team and working together with Redding Merchants Crime Watch, Morgan hopes to help Redding residents and business owners be a little more at ease knowing they have the power to take a stand against crime in their own neighborhoods.

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