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Boost Your Marketing Efforts with an SEO Advertising Combo Campaign

If you are starting to feel like something needs to be done to make your company a stronger competitor in its industry and traditional methods of advertising aren’t cutting it anymore, online marketing could be the answer you’ve been looking for. It only makes sense that with the number of Internet users expanding every day, this would be a viable avenue for targeting consumers, increasing brand awareness and, ultimately, upping profit margins. Though there are many strategies out there for reaching new customers through the Internet, many business owners have found success in implementing an SEO and online advertising combo campaign.


SEO vs. Online Advertising

If you aren’t too familiar with online marketing tactics yet, you may not understand the difference between SEO (search engine optimization) and online advertising. It’s important to know the roles of both so you can monitor the results of each individually. SEO refers to the organic way of raising your rankings in search engines through keyword research, the creation of relevant and quality content and link building. On the other hand, online advertising involves promoting your company through paid advertisements, such as text or banner ads, that pop up at the very top of search engine results, along the side and on various websites that your target audience is visiting.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Both

As with any marketing strategy, there are advantages and disadvantages to both of these techniques. SEO can be a long, drawn-out process, and it’s often hard for business owners to have the patience it requires to reap the rewards. However, it’s usually cheaper than online advertising and provides a longer term, more consistent solution for showing up in the SERPs. Online advertising placements are affected by the budget you have to spend but guarantees you top search results up front, if only for a short time.


Hand in Hand Campaign Coverage

Although SEO and online advertising are two distinct types of marketing, they really do go hand in hand, and business owners should focus on integrating one with the other to form an SEO and online advertising combo campaign rather than choose one over the other. When using SEO and online advertising together, keywords can be tracked much easier to determine which ones are attracting the most traffic and identify if there are any significant keywords that are lacking coverage. These strategies serve to enhance one another so that you can achieve the goals you have for your company much quicker and make sure that you have a long-lasting high ranking spot on the SERPs.


Give the television, radio and newspaper ads a rest and focus on boosting your Internet visibility. Start converting potential consumers into paying customers and enjoy a higher return on your marketing investment with an SEO and online advertising combo campaign.