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Is Your Website Optimized For Mobile & Local Search?

Your Customers Are Searching For You on Their Mobile Devices

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, your site usability is in jeopardy and you’re running the risk of losing a potential customer, something that is 100% preventable. 61% of users are unlikely to revisit a website that is not mobile friendly.

Google is always looking to create the best user experience possible, and mobile websites are playing an increasingly important role in how users will interact with a business through their phones. Mobile websites are not just minimized versions of your main website – they must be responsive, fast and designed with the mobile user in mind. Besides adapting to the smaller screen of a mobile device, mobile websites are easier to navigate using touch and help visitors get to the information and features they need faster.

Mobile Users Are Searching Local

According to Google, local searches now account for 20% of searches on Google. These changes aren’t just coming from search engines, but also from the mobile side. In mobile, 95% of smartphone users have looked up local information and 88% of these users generally take action within a day.

Google®, Bing® and Yahoo!® each index mobile and mobile-compatible sites separately from non-mobile sites and are investing heavily in developing faster and better tools for mobile search to meet this demand. After social networking, searching is the second thing mobile internet users do the most with their mobile web browsers. The earlier you adopt new technologies, the more time you have to build high rankings and secure a highly visible position.

Did you know? Local search volume is growing exponentially at 50% every year. 80% of searchers research online before purchasing in a 10-20 mile radius.

As an added benefit, you are more likely to be discovered and found by local mobile users thanks to the way mobile search includes your website in local search results, maps and other localized applications.

With 50% of local searches being done on a mobile device, that’s a big deal!

Attract More Business By Creating a Mobile Version of Your Website

The mobile web is evolving rapidly, and it’s a fact: most businesses do not have a mobile website. Less than 5% of online businesses have a website that is compatible with mobile. By going mobile now, you will be more experienced and in tune with your mobile market later, which is a huge competitive advantage.

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