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What is On-Page SEO Optimization?

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On page optimization is when a web developer combs your site for out dated formatting and makes the necessary changes. We have dealt with many businesses that have an SEO company sending them emails once a week telling them to change their meta keywords and descriptions. Of course keeping up to date with your meta information is important but there is a lot more to consider. Proper H tags, alt tags, and schema to name a few. On-page SEO optimization can be tedious but if done correctly the first time staying up to date with the ever changing web search trends will be easy and painless.

Here is a shortlist of on-page web development optimization tasks that we address for optimal search engine page rank:

  • Google & Bing webmaster tools verification
  • Specify preferred domain name (non-www)
  • Configure search engine friendly (SEF) URLs
  • Optimized Page Title tags
  • Custom meta description and keyword tags
  • Proper use of H1 & H2 heading tags
  • Optimized image ALT tags
  • Optimized link Title tags
  • Content optimization (length & keyword density)
  • HTML & XML Sitemaps
  • XML Sitemap submission
  • Optimized robots.txt
  • Optimized .htaccess
  • Google authorship
  • rich snippets
  • hCard

The search engine algorithms change frequently, sometimes daily, which requires SEOs like us to consistently test and report. If we could only change 3 things on a web page for top page rank, we’d focus on the following.

  1. Page Titles
  2. Search engine friendly URLs
  3. and fresh, relevant, quality content