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Digital Marketing Hits the Target in Redding, California

Many service companies are surrounded by competition at every turn. Even the smallest of towns will often have more than one heating and air provider or real estate agent offering their services to the local area. This competition has only become tougher as the digital age and internet searches permeate our society, potentially eliminating your chances of being found by your local customers.
digital marketing team plans client ads
The businesses that invest in digital advertising are much more likely to see results than those that simply create a website. In just four easy steps, your business can be more quickly and easily found by the customers that need your services.

Step 1: Aim

The first step to targeting the clients that are actually searching for your services is to identify your location. Narrowing down your company’s service area allows you to pinpoint your potential customers while weeding out those in other regions. Service areas might include your local city, county, state, or the entire nation, but it must be accurate for the best digital marketing results.

Next, you will want to create a list of keywords that relate to the services your business provides. Customers needing your type of services will use these words and phrases to search for the businesses that provide what they need. For example, a Realtor may choose keywords such as “real estate agent” and “homes for sale” in order to direct potential clients to their realty website.

Step 2: Zero In

Once you have determined your service area and keywords, you will be ready to begin creating Facebook Digital and Google Ads ads that will target your company’s specific demographics. Targeting your intended audience will save you money on digital ads because they will only be shown to the customers that you are willing to service. This eliminates the possibility that your ad dollars will be wasted on customers that are not looking for your services or live outside of your service area.

In most cases, targeting not only identifies the geographic area, but it can also narrow down the interests, gender, ages, and income levels of the customers you seek. A daycare center will usually target middle-aged women while a senior living community is more likely to target both genders of the older generation.

Step 3: Fire

The third step to targeting your company’s client base is the creation and management of digital advertising that will effectively draw in your customers. Eye-catching graphics, well-defined banner ads, and clear-cut text development ensure that your business will be seen by the those that are most likely to be interested in your services.

Then it will be time to set up, schedule your ads, and wait for the phone to start ringing. Beyond that, you can monitor the results of your targeting efforts in order to adjust keywords, decrease or expand your service area, or simply remarket your business to the customers who have expressed interest in your company.

Step 4: Sell

Finally, your well-targeted digital marketing efforts will be rewarded through client phone calls, email inquiries, social media recommendations, and written reviews. Clients have access to a host of websites and directories where they can share their experiences with your company and this will only serve to widen your audience without the need to increase your advertising budget.

This benefits gained by targeting your website’s advertising dollars will only gain more traction over time. Social media shares and the use of keywords, targeting, and consistency in your advertising will both increase your Google reputation and the number of organic clicks your site receives.

With Americans spending up to 10 hours a day online and more than 2.2 billion active Facebook users, properly targeted graphic, banner, and text ads will surely hit their mark and have customers clamoring for your services.